As a lifestyle newborn photographer, photographing babies in their own homes, I often get asked exactly what that means. So if you’re interested in booking a newborn session with me but would love to learn more about how my sessions work first – keep on reading! *

Why you should be present in your child’s newborn photos

My sessions are family-focussed. This means that baby is photographed with their parents, with their siblings – even the family pets have been known to make an appearance. When many people think of newborn photography, they often imagine a more traditional style – where baby is photographed alone whilst being posed with backdrops, baskets and props. This is a very popular style! But it’s not how I work. I am very focussed on emotive images with authentic love and connection. Not only do I think that this approach is much more beautiful, I think it’s so much more meaningful too…

Imagine in 30 years time when your sweet baby is an adult. Which images do you think are going to mean the most to them? The ones of them posed in a basket or the ones where they are being held by the people that they love most in the world? Newborn photos shouldn’t just be for us parents to remember how tiny our babies were, they should be a beautiful gift of memory preservation for our children as well.

So what does a session look like?

My sessions last 2-3 hours and I usually schedule them in the first 2 weeks after baby is born. I like to provide my clients with a varied gallery but before the session, I send out a questionnaire to discuss each client’s hopes and find out what photos are most important to them. That way I can tailor the session and make a loose plan where those photos are given the most attention. Some clients are concerned about the need for a ‘show-home’ so I want you to know that you absolutely do not need an ‘instagrammable pinterest-worthy’ home to have beautiful newborn photos. I can create a beautiful gallery using just one window if needs be and I have done that in instances where clients have been renovating and had only one room available for use. Generally though, if you want a mix of everything and your home allows for it, I try to provide a varied gallery including group family shots, close ups, macro details and more environmental/creative shots. I show all of my clients exactly how to stand and sit, for some images I’ll show you how to hold baby (for maximum cuteness) and I’ll offer simple prompts to get some natural connection and emotion into your images too.

Does baby need to be asleep?

For the most part, no. For the wider shots (like all the family on the bed above) and many of the group family images it’s absolutely fine for baby to be awake. For certain photos where baby is gently posed in your arms, it is easier when baby is asleep but we can definitely adapt and modify things slightly if we need to. I am completely baby led during the session so I’ll work with whatever baby is doing at the time to determine what order to shoot in. If we do get to those gently posed photos and baby is still awake, I have lots of tips and tricks to help settle them. I have had three babies of my own as well as this being my job so I’ve had lots of practise! We also have the option of wrapping baby up which looks just as adorable! I only plan one newborn session per day so there’s no rush at all and we have plenty of time for making sure baby is happy and settled.

This sweet boy was initially saying ‘no thank you’ to sleeping when we first set up this shot
We worked on settling him for a little while and got this gorgeous photo for mama

What do you bring to newborn sessions?

All of my sessions include client wardrobe access for mama and baby so I bring any dresses that you’ve decided you’d like to try plus a beautiful range of luxury knitwear items for baby. I also bring a beanbag – I don’t use this for traditional newborn posing but as a place to lay baby for some very gently posed solo shots and it doubles as a great seat near the window for family shots. Finally I bring a box of blankets, swaddles and material to filter the window light if it’s a sunny day. Oh and my footstool – I’m 5’2 so it’s needed quite frequently! 😆

Here you can see are some behind the scenes – check out the image immediately below each photo to see one of the shots from the set up:

I love your style – How do I book?

My newborn galleries are about love and connection. When booking a session with me you will get family-focussed photography, gentle posing and emotive, love-filled images. You won’t get traditional posing, you won’t get backdrops, props, baskets and you definitely won’t get anything gimmicky. If that sounds perfect for you then I’d love to work with you and create your dream gallery of memories! Booking your session is based on your due date, we choose a date around then and adjust as necessary depending on when baby arrives. The deposit to book is £100 and once thats’s paid we start discussing your hopes for the session and get working on styling. I help to style the whole family – I know what photographs well and I’m on hand for advice, tips or even a bit of internet shopping 😍

I hope this has helped to answer lots of your questions about how my sessions work and to also show you why I think this style of newborn photography is so much more meaningful. Remember – one day all our children will have left of us is photos. Be in them.

Newborn Photography – What a session with me looks like…

February 10, 2022

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Photography is an investment in your story - an investment in preserving the moments that matter. I go the extra mile with my clients to ensure that the images that I create are the most beautiful representation of those moments. You'll amass thousands of images over the course of your lifetime, I want these ones to be special. Let's create some magic...

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Click Pro ELite Daily of the week TOP 10

2 x Published in 'This Detailed Life' MagazinE

2 x Published - Click Community Blog

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