Photo of a newborn baby asleep with her hand under her chin, wrapped in a blanket demonstrating natural newborn photography posing.

As a specialist in Natural Newborn Photography, I thought it would be helpful to give a little insight into exactly what that means and how I offer this at my Shrewsbury Photography Studio.

Natural Vs Posed Newborn Photography

When it comes to photographing your newborn professionally, many parents will often think of traditional ‘posed’ photographs of their baby. This will often mean that the bulk of the session or usually all of the session, will be photos of baby intricately posed alone on a beanbag. Props are often used such as baskets and colourful backgrounds and babies are usually photographed as early possible after birth.

Natural newborn photography is quite a different approach. Instead of intricate posing, I focus on capturing baby in a really natural way. In my case, this involves parents holding their baby for the majority of the shoot. I also keep colours fairly muted and neutral to really add to that overall feeling of timelessness. This doesn’t mean that I don’t ‘pose’ my clients. I’m actually very meticulous when it comes to things like the position of the light, placement of hands and helping to create a really beautiful connection in the photos. So please don’t worry that you’ll be left not knowing what to do. I guide my clients every step of the way!

Photo of a newborn baby held in her parents arms during a natural newborn photography shoot.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of natural newborn photography are that you get to feature in your children’s memories. You get to have photographs with your child that you would otherwise never have. Typically, as Moms, we are the ones taking all the photos. So this is an opportunity where you get to be part of the memories; with guidance from a professional to capture you in the best possible light. Natural newborn photography is also a really timeless and meaningful way to capture your baby. These are photos that you and your baby will cherish more than anything in the years to come. From the details of their tiny toes to the overwhelming love you feel holding them in your arms.

One of the other key benefits is that you aren’t limited to the window immediately after birth to photograph your baby. Although I recommend booking your session during the first 2-4 weeks, I can absolutely still offer newborn sessions up to around 12 weeks. After 6 weeks old, I typically advise that baby will spend the majority of their session (or sometimes all of their session) awake. However, this allows us to capture lots of personality and sometimes even their first smiles!

Photo of an older newborn baby looking up at her mother who is leaning over and smiling back at her.

Booking a Newborn Photography Session at my Shrewsbury Studio

If you’ve decided that natural newborn photography is for you, then send me a message to enquire about booking a session at my Shrewsbury Photography studio. I’ve created a dreamy and timeless space that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your images. Contact me here.

Want to see more of my natural newborn photography as well as some behind-the-scenes of my Shrewsbury Photography Studio? Follow me on Instagram here.

Natural Newborn Photography

February 6, 2024

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Click Pro ELite Daily of the week TOP 10

2 x Published in 'This Detailed Life' MagazinE

2 x Published - Click Community Blog

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